18inch composit carbon propeller On sale!
18inch composit carbon propeller18inch composit carbon propeller18inch composit carbon propeller18inch composit carbon propeller

Composit carbon propeller 18×6.5inch for Multi-rotor Motors


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Product Description

Specs of 18inch propeller:

  1. CarbonFiber, balsa wood, composite material
  2. Size: 18.0 x 6.5 CW and CCW in Pair
  3. Center hole size: 4mm(can be customized), other hole 3mm.
  4. The propller hole size can be customized with your requirements.

Because of the stiffness achieved by using carbon fibers, the prop will do very little coning (bending forward) under power. Proper fiber placement allows the prop to flex torsionally for maximum cruise efficiency. The strongly fixed position of the blades along with optimum torsional performance translates into more thrust than conventional propellers.

The interior structure fixed with fiberglass and balsa wood, providing a stronger, more durable and impact-resistant product, also reduces propeller assembly weight and improves product life.

The low weight of the composite Carbon Series propeller, offers the ability to improve payload without compromising strength or weight in other areas


Additional Information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 500 x 60 x 50 mm
Center Hole

4mm, 6mm, Customize

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