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2pcs 90mm hub motor+2pcs 90mm wheels +2pcs truck+2pcs VESC with canbus cable+1pcs remote Hot electric skateboard combo


Price includes 2pcs hub motors+2pcs wheels+2pcs trucks+2pcs VESC+1pcs canbus cable+1pcs remote

Product Description

1. Specification of 90mm electric skateboard Hub motor (2pcs)

KV: 60
Idle Current: 0.4A
Max. Current: 22A
Input Volt.: 24V‐36V
Max. Output Watt: 800W
RPM: 2100
Motor Weight: 750g
Motor w/wheel dimension: Φ90x55mm
Internal Resistance: 0.557‐0.577
Hole Size: M8
With Hall Sensor

2. Specification of 90mm wheel with NSK f608zz bearings (2pcs)

Skateboard Wheels
Dimension: 90x52mm
Hardness: 78A
Wheel Materials: 85% rebound PU wheels ensure the
best trafficability and shock absorption.
Cental Part: PP materials
With ball bearing

3. Specification of rear truck for hub motor (1pcs)

Hub motor Truck for double hub motor
suitable for Myatech 70mm and 90mm size hub motor

4. Specification of front truck for wheel (1pcs)

Front Truck
suitable for 70mm/90mm wheel

5. Vedder VESC – Open Source ESC (2pcs with 1pcs Canbus cable MTSKC230)

Make Dual VESCs for your  electric skateboards. We are offering the Can bus connectors with the VESCs so that you can connect 2 VESCs together and control them by one remote controller for your dual motors.

Specifications of Vedder VESC speed controller

Application e-skateboard/E-bike
Lipo 3-12Cells
Voltage 8V-60V
Accessory with USB cable
Package W/ Box
Capacitors 3pcs 680uf 63V
Dimension of VESC board 60x40mm
Power wire Silicon wire
Connectors 5.5mm Golden Connectors

The VESC – Open source ESC/speed controller are made according to the Vedder VESC BOM. The VESC speed controller can also be used for electric skateboards, electric bicycles, RC cars, and other electric vehicles.

The VESC speed controller comes with one-year warranty except DRV problem. Every VESC is tested before the delivery.

6. Remote controller with receiver (1pcs)

Model NO MTSKR1712
Battery Re-chargeable 420mAh 3.7V
Working current 26mA
Application for Skateboard
Accessory With the receiver
Certificate CE ROHS
Materials Plastic
Color Black
Feature small & light & easy to handle

Smaller size;
Easy to pair;
Two speed levels;
More economic;
Working 16hours after full charging!

1. 2.4GHZ two-way communication, 126 channel, automatic frequency modulation for anti-interference;
2. 40bit ID code, very low probability of repeated code;
3. 20 meters communication distance; 16 hours working time after fully charged;
4. Built-in 420Mah lithium battery, with USB Charger Port
5. With Blue/Green LED lights, remote case is strong, and resist cracks.;
6. High and low speed can be easily switched.
7. Automatic throttle calibration when power on;
8. Reminder when remote control and receiver lose communication; when signal losses for 5 minutes,
remote will automatically shut down to save power;
9. When the remote control and receiver lose communication, receiver will turn off the throttle to protect
the rider;
10. Match-code memory function, remote control and receiver has fast connection when power on.
11. LED will flash red when remote battery voltage is low;
12. Forward and Reverse switching function *
13. LED indicates Skateboard battery *
Note: Functions with * need to be used with dual ESC MTDU30A.

Additional Information

Weight 4500 g
Dimensions 80 x 50 x 40 mm

Black, Blue, Orange

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